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What is the Tested by Tots Accreditation Programme?

As a parent we know that nothing is more important than our tots' safety. The Tested by Tots Accreditation Programme has been uniquely designed to ensure that you can see how child safe the resorts featured in the programme actually are, giving you comfort when you're booking your break away. It's a travel industry first, being a completely independent accreditation, not linked to holiday sales or sponsorship arrangements. 

It also looks at child friendliness as well, because memories are precious, and holidays should be a time to enjoy with happy children. 

As you'd expect the safety aspects revolve around alarms, locks, first aid kits and the like, whilst our friendliness rating looks at what might make your holiday easier with children, so the inclusion of potties, toddler steps, age appropriate toys etc. 

Based on a set of 50 questions, supported by photographic evidence and spot checks by the Tested by Tots Team, our unique algorithm will show you where that resort sits on our safe and friendly scale so you can have complete peace of mind that your holiday will be everything you hoped it would be. 

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