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What is the Tested by Tots Accreditation Programme?


We offer a completely independent accreditation programme available to all holiday properties and resorts in the UK and Europe. The programme offers you the chance to showcase your property as either child friendly or child safe, or you could be highly recommended in both. 


What's in it for me?


Depending which package you select you will have access to using our accreditation logo, increasing your online presence with additional marketing material for your property or resort and, of course, you'll have our stamp of approval. 


When families look for holidays they are keen to know that booking their trip comes with absolute clarity and transparency. They look for confirmation and guidance that they made the right decision and those precious holiday days aren’t spent continually running around ensuring their children are safe and entertained. 


That is where our independent stamps of approval come in to play!


How does it work?



All properties and resorts are scored against 50 questions. 

Online form with photographic evidence to support the application. 

The property will be spot checked within 12 months of being awarded. 


25 questions are based on safety and 25 on friendly. Based on the outcome the property or resort will be awarded:

  • Child safe

  • Child friendly

  • Highly recommended (both)




Accreditation is valid for one year and will need to be renewed on an annual basis.


There are 3 packages to choose from:


Use of Tested by Tots Accreditation Logo on your website and window sticker for your property. 


Four page Tested by Tots report that can be used on your website or sent to customers.


Bronze package plus:

Featured on the Tested by Tots website as a recommended property. 


Bronze and Silver package plus:

#InspirationTuesday post across all Tested by Tots social media channels. 

Short 1-3 minute video which can be used on the Tested by Tots YouTube channel and your social media channels. 

Please enquire with the Tested by Tots Team regarding our pricing structure for these accreditations. ​

The Tested by Tots Accreditation Programme opens for applications on the 1st of every month and closes 14 days later. Applications received outside of this period will be moved to the following month. 

Once you have applied to us to become accredited and you know which package you would like, we will send you our online questionnaire for you to complete and return with photographic evidence. This will then be run through our unique algorithm for your results. 


All results and classifications are valid for 1 year and will need to be renewed on an annual basis.


To make an application, or if you have any further questions, please email us: or use our contact page!

All our terms and conditions can be found in the star icon below or in the 'About Us' section of the website. 


Download Terms and Conditions

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