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10 Swaps

Holiday Responsibly

'Holidaying Responsibly' isn’t about denying yourself a holiday but about making some simple swaps so we all do our part for the planet. Here are our top 10 swaps!

  1. Reduce waste. Sounds obvious but too often we grab convenience food for picnics and days out. Use Tupperware, reusable flasks, and recyclable / reusable dinnerware. Bamboo cutlery is a great addition and easily available these days. It also travels light too!

  2. Who doesn’t like a BBQ on a day out? But did you know that disposable BBQs can’t always be recycled due to the foil content and leftover food waste on them? If taken to a landfill they can take up to 400 years to breakdown? Ouch. There are some brilliant reusable portable BBQs that won’t break the bank – definitely an investment!

  3. Beach play wouldn’t be the same without a bucket and spade among other things. Ditch the plastic and go for silicon reusable buckets and toys – much better for the environment and some even collapse saving you space in the car.

  4. Days out means skin protection (whether full blown sunshine or not). Reef-safe sunscreen means you’ll know that you’re protecting our oceans whilst also looking after your little ones. Bamboo sunglasses for kids are now also available too!

  5. Whilst thinking about protection don’t forget the first aid kit. In particular, plasters are mainly made of plastic – they can’t always be recycled and may not be able to biodegrade in a natural environment. Make the switch and seek out natural alternatives if you can.

  6. Rubber ducks at the ready(!) there are plenty of swaps to make in the bathroom. From bars of shampoo / soap through to natural sponges. Ditch the electric toothbrush for the holiday and grab yourself an eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush for the entire family. They’re now available in most large supermarkets.

  7. With the rise of staycation as a result of the recent pandemic our furry friends are now able to join us on holiday! Don’t forget to ensure they ‘holiday responsibly’ too. Silicone pet bowls, hemp dog beds, and, of course, compostable poo bags.

  8. Let’s talk babies. Our cute little ones have a lot of stuff they need but a few key swaps can ensure you do your part for the environment. Bamboo based wipes, cloth / reusable nappies (these have come on a long way), plastic free potties and hemp nursing pads to name a few.

  9. People power! Perhaps one of the most important things you can do to ‘holiday responsibly’ is to encourage the industry to think differently; ask those questions of your resort: what do they have; what are they doing to be sustainable? Offer feedback and suggestions and change the way people think.

  10. Lastly, pledge to Holiday Responsibly. Talk to your kids about it if they’re old enough, make some changes (even just one) and show the world at #IPledge. Together we can make a big difference.

Holiday Responsibly Check List 

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