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Splashing Water

Centre Parcs
Le Lac d'Ailette

1 Parc Nautique de l'Ailette, 02860



Our beautiful villa was perfect for us. We really had no worries with a built-in stair gate upstairs, high chair and child toilet seat! We opted for a bike trailer for one of our bikes and a child seat on the other, and this allowed us to throw the swim stuff in and make sure the kids had a comfortable and enjoyable ride on the bikes! 

The wildlife is something else within this center, with otters building nests in the stream off the track and strange shellfish crossing the paths to the house! There are so many paths leading to playgrounds and we simply enjoyed our time on the bikes and in the pool. 

This center had a water playground suited for all ages and our 18 month old was taking on the smaller slides on his own by the end of our stay. 

The pool itself has lots of options for little ones, and even have racks of life jackets for them. There is a choice of three pools and areas which take you outside! The rapids are actually tame so you can feel confident taking your little ones with you. We found it easier to wash them poolside, throw them in a onesie and get them back to the accommodation to change. The kids weren’t old enough for evening entertainment but we had a great time getting them to try French food from the shop. 

A real winner for us was the baby trolleys which they loved pushing around the shop and watching the fresh orange juice machine. We loved this place. It was the first time we took our kids overseas for a week and, being just 2.5 hours from Calais, we stopped at the hypermarket on the way to stock up!

I would 100% recommend this place. Especially with very little ones!

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