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Center Parcs
Les Bois

11 Rue de Center Parcs,

27130 Les Barils,


Travelling on the overnight ferry with another family, we checked into our cabin. Given the kids had been woken up from the car to board the ferry at 11pm, they were now wide awake! So as a group off we went to the bar! When we arrived the next day we stopped in the hypermarket en route to pick up supplies and headed to Center Parcs! We arrived at the park early afternoon, which gave us plenty of time to check in, get bikes and go off exploring! 

We had 2 different styles of accommodation. Ours was a VIP cottage complete with en-suite and sauna, and our friends had a VIP Pagode Cottage. The two accommodation units were situated away from each other, which meant there was a nice bike ride to each other’s cottages. The VIP Pagode Cottage had an enclosed garden which was nice and relaxing. To keep the cost down, we picked up a BBQ and some coals from the shop, and sat out each evening in the sun. 

The swimming pool had three distinct areas, a baby pool (where the water was VERY warm), a water factory with four or five junior slides and spinny water things, and the large pool complete with a lazy river and wave pool. We could spend about two hours in the pool switching between the areas. The kids' confidence in the water grew by the day. 

The wooded area behind our accommodation was lovely, we really did feel secluded, however, our youngest was bitten by a tick in the forest. Tick bites are really common in wooded areas across Europe as a whole. The best way to avoid them is to put the kids in long sleeves and trousers. You must ensure the whole tick is out of the skin, and then see a doctor on return. 

We loved this venue, it really felt like a combination of the French countryside and a traditional Center Parcs!

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