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Help, I've missed my flight!

If you miss your flight and it’s your fault (i.e. you get stuck in traffic), the airline has no legal responsibility to get you on on the next flight. You will have to re-book a flight and see if you have anything to claim against on your insurance. Here at Tested by Tots, we recommend you arrive at the airport 3 hours before a long haul or 2 hours before a short haul flight. There's so much to do when you have children in the airport. Please see our guide on flying with babies and children.


What if my flight is cancelled?

When you purchase a ticket from one destination to another, it’s a contract between you and the airline that they will get you to that destination. If your flight is cancelled they will organise a new booking and ticket for you. It is their responsibility to get you from A to B. Once your flight has been cancelled you will receive an email and text to tell you what flight you have been booked on. Don’t stress, these things happen! This is the same if you miss your connecting flight, as long as the booking has one reservation code it is the airline's responsibility to get you there.

When the airline is responsible for you missing your connecting flight, the airline should:

  • Provide you with refreshments

  • Pay for transportation to your accommodation

  • Put non-local passengers up in hotels (if the missed connection forces customers to stay overnight waiting for a new departure)

  • Re-book you on the next available flight for the same destination (flyer can also choose between reimbursement or an alternative re-routing)


What if I need to return home earlier than planned?

This is a tricky one. If you have purchased a Flexi Ticket it’s possible to change your flight within the conditions of the carrier. You may have to pay an administration charge. However, if you have bought a basic ticket you may be out of luck. Depending on the reason for your change of plans you may be able to make a claim via your travel insurance. We would advise you to check that you can make a claim before you pay for the new flight.

What if my luggage doesn’t arrive with me?

A common problem! The luggage belt stops turning and your bags haven’t come out yet! There will be a missing or lost luggage desk in the baggage hall where you will be able to register that your bag is missing by filling out a Property Irregularity Report (PIR). Your bags are normally traced and returned to their owners within a couple of days. If your bag has not been returned in 21 days it's classed as ‘lost’ and compensation can be sought. It’s worth checking in with your travel insurance provider once your bag has gone astray to see if you're covered to pick up a couple of bits whilst your bag is on its way to you.

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