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The lovely folk at Frugi sent our tot testers some cute little outfits to try. Let's see what they made of them...

"It's quite simple, really ... but I just love everything about this raincoat! It is beautifully made with exquisite attention to detail from the flaps that prevent rain from getting inside the main body and pockets, to the elasticated hood so it actually stays on my child's head. From the zip guard at the top so I can't accidentally pinch my child's chin / neck area to the hanger loop (so simple but so useful). The elasticated cuffs give further protection from the rain and, as a design feature, I really like the reflective bands on the sleeves and the reflective logo. I would have loved to have seen something reflective on the back of the coat too, but I'm being really picky! It's a fabulous yellow and the material is so soft yet undeniably waterproof, making it very comfortable to wear whilst doing the job of keeping your little one dry as they venture outside in wet weather."

The McAllen Family


"The colours are really nice and vibrant and the designs are fun. I like toddler clothes to be fun rather than cool or stylish. The colours will also easily allow to mix and match with other items that we already have, which is something I always look for given they get through so many outfit changes when they're little! 

    The fabric feels really good quality and soft, so I would trust it to be gentle on skin (my two have both had sensitive skin as babies) and it feels like it should wash well. The fabric feels thicker than a lot of baby / toddler tops and leggings, so I'd expect it should keep its shape and last well. I haven't really tried this style of trousers before for my two (more harem style?) but they look like they'd be comfy to play in with good room to move around. 

    Overall.. I'm really impressed! I'd heard of Frugi but never tried their stuff before (to be honest we tend to go a bit more cheap and cheerful!), but really impressed with their designs and fabric."

The Stoddart Family



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