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Holiday Responsibly




Here at Tested by Tots we want to think more about how we can holiday responsibly. This isn't about denying yourself those amazing overseas holidays, or forcing the kids to camp in the back garden as their only holiday option, it's about thinking about the changes, however small, that we could all make to do our part.

With Staycation high on the agenda in the wake of Covid-19 many of us are already doing our part to reduce our carbon footprint by decreasing our air miles. But we have some further hints and tips for you to start you thinking about how you could holiday more responsibly.

We also have a checklist of 'quick wins' to help you - scroll to the bottom for these.

Days Out

Staycation and more days out mean more picnics and packed lunches. The aim here is to reduce waste; take what you need each time using clever storage options and, of course, reusable or recyclable picnic dinnerware and drinks containers, sustainable picnic rugs and biodegradable rubbish bags. Not only will you save money on eating out, you'll also be doing your bit for the planet. Whilst a BBQ picnic is always great fun be aware that disposable BBQs aren't always able to be recycled due to the foil content and leftover food waste. If taken to a landfill they can take up to 400 years to breakdown. Instead, opt for one of the great reusable BBQs available - much better for the environment and they'll save you money in the long-term. 

Beach Trips

Nothing says holiday quite like the sand between your toes and there are still plenty of options to holiday responsibly on the beach. Alongside your sustainable picnic sets, straw beach mats are perfect for little ones (and travelling yoga enthusiasts!) and there are a fantastic range of non plastic toys, like silicon reusable buckets and wooden beach toys, to entertain. And don't forget the protection! With bamboo sunglasses for kids, reef-safe sunscreen and eco friendly first aid kits (contain no plastic) you're covered for a fun, sandy, sustainable outing. 


Car Trips

Let's talk packing a car. Obviously, the less weight the less fuel you use so packing smart is key to holidaying responsibly if making long car trips. Vacuum-packing, collapsible items (like water bottles), and simply checking ahead what items are already there, can ensure you don't needlessly pack the bulky baby bath. And babies need a lot of stuff, right? They do. But there are some great sustainable alternatives now available: biodegradable or reusable baby wipes; plastic free potties; bamboo sleeping bags; hemp nursing pads and lots more. Cloth nappies and reusable nappies have also come a long way (think Totsbots) - so why not give them a try? 

The whole family!

Let's not forget one of the many positives of Staycation is that our furry canine friends now have the chance to join us! So don't forget to ensure that they holiday responsibly too with eco-friendly dog beds, silicone pet bowls and, of course, compostable poo bags. 

Continuous Responsibility

Finally, wherever you go, don't forget the basics that we all try and do in our everyday lives: save water; turn electricals off; buy local and walk and cycle. Every little bit helps, wherever in the world you are. YOU have the power to make a difference, so don't be shy to ask your resort, travel agent or holiday owner, about what they are doing to be sustainable, and to offer feedback and suggestions. Your consumer power and influence can keep this initiative moving forward and sets a great example to our children.

If you'd like some ideas on some 'quick' wins on how to holiday more responsibly please see our checklist below. Just by swapping a few products you could make a big difference. 

Holiday Responsibly Checklist 

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