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Staycation Award Nominees  

Staycation Awards: Holiday Responsibly Nominees - Reviews

Ethique:  Shampoo Bar

As part of the Tested by Tots pledge to ‘Holiday Responsibly’ we tested Ethique's Trial Pack for Normal Hair. This contained bars of shampoo, conditioner, face wash and body cream.

   The pack contained cute little heart-shaped bars, all carefully packaged and each small heart bar promises to last the same as a few bottles of shampoo / conditioner.

   It did take a while to get used to – it’s a bar after all so cue a few moments of it slipping out of hands but it's worth persevering. The shampoo magically frothed like a regular shampoo and the conditioner coated hair although not in an obvious liquid conditioner way. ‘Pleasantly surprised’ is an understatement. To keep the bars in the shower you can also buy their bamboo holders to keep the soaps in and these are compostable over 5 years. A great product swap, whether on holiday or not so thanks, Ethique. 

Mama Bamboo: Nappies and Wipes

When the lovely folk of Mama Bamboo asked if we wanted to try their Bamaboo baby wipes we leapt at the chance. Eco-friendly, biodegradable and 99% vegan these wipes almost sounded too good to be true so we were keen to see how they stood up to some of the messes our tots made.

Our tot tester and Mummy had this to say:

These bamboo nappies are really lovely to use. They are soft to the touch and don’t have that paper-like feeling that some other eco-friendly nappies have. The lower back area is tapered in and stretchy so they fit perfectly to avoid any leaks. We noticed that the material inside is very absorbent and our baby’s skin felt dry even when the nappy was quite heavy. I highly recommend these and would definitely buy them again. 

Holiday Responsibly Check List 

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