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Just So Festival 

Rode Hall Estate, Scholar Green ST7 3QT

We have been to the ‘Just So’ Festival twice and it is an amazing place with the perfect balance of acts and entertainment, through to crafts and activities. The site at Rode Hall lends itself perfectly to the festival vibe! Camping with kids at a festival is no easy task and we have found ourselves on occasion there battling the elements as we set up camp. When you are setting up your tent there is a trolley hire system which makes things a lot easier when you are lugging all your gear and 2 toddlers with you. There is a main toilet block and shower block, but hey, this is a festival! Who needs a shower?! I also recommend that you invest in an event programme as there is just so much going on! 

There are lots of places to eat, however, if you are looking to keep the cost down the campsite is next to the festival so you can always nip back for lunch. Nearly all the food vans and trucks have a child size portion but we loved the chicken truck which served up a whole roast chicken and potatoes which we picked on until we danced into the evening. Once we were done dancing, we made our way to the campfire for stories and songs with hot chocolates. 

I would advise everyone to read up about the festival in advance. Formerly known as the Tribal Tournament the festival has grown to become the Carnival of the Animals. Throughout the festival you can join the animal leaders to compete in ridiculous games with the chance to win coveted golden pebbles for your team. Make sure you decide as a family what animal team you are to be and get your fancy dress sorted. Trust me you will feel like a doughnut being the only one not dressed up!

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