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Avoncroft Museum

Stoke Heath, Bromsgrove B60 3RB, UK

If you’re after a totally different day out, Avoncroft Museum of Historic buildings is a fantastic option. As you walk on to the site you are transported back in history with an Edwardian tea room welcoming you for a cup of tea and chance to explore your map. Avoncroft is good for children of all ages with play parks and gardens for little oness and an immersive experience for older ones. The site is full of historic buildings, from Toll houses to post war prefab houses. The buildings are all mocked up as if they were used, and there are lots of helpful volunteers around that will explain their use and purpose.

My 3 and 4 year old loved the freedom to explore and get lost in their imagination of times gone by. As we opened the door to the medieval town house the kid’s eyes lit up to see volunteers in traditional dress, cooking a ham over a real fire. Avoncroft also features the national collection of phone boxes, which is a brilliant way to explore British history and once you're done you can ride the miniature train on certain weekends.

The windmill is just incredible with lots of places to run or unpack a picnic under the sails of it. As time stands still at Avoncroft, don’t rush, this is a full day out with lots hiding places around corners.

Avoncroft provides a safe and exciting space to let not only their legs run wild but their imaginations. Avoncroft is a charity run organisation, so any money they make goes towards growing and maintaining their collection. Check out there program of events on line to fully maximize your day.

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