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Day Out with Thomas

The Railway Station, Station Road, New Alresford SO24 9JG, UK

When my son had just turned 2 and my daughter was 3 we booked tickets for a ‘Day Out with Thomas’ in Hampshire (Watercress Line). It was probably one of the best days out we’ve ever had as a family. The set up is great and you park in the car park at the base of the hill where the Day Out is set. As I looked up the first thing I saw was a familiar little blue engine chugging along as he made his way to the station. I honestly don’t know who was more excited - me or the kids! - when we all saw him and heard his little Peep Peep!

The whole event is geared to toddlers and small children and nothing will light up their face more than seeing Thomas ‘for real’. When we went we also had Daisy and Diesel but I think these change fairly regularly so check in advance which trains will be at the Day Out. It is a shame there aren’t more 'prominent' characters like James or Percy to support Thomas but the kids didn’t mind at all. You can also arrange to meet the Fat Controller who will be around all day (we didn't but we did see him across the platform). The ride on Thomas is about 15 minutes long and we also travelled on Diesel, and the kids loved the steam engines, the smoke and the smells. There was an indoor play area with trains, colouring, some activities and the like, and a lovely shop to purchase original prints of the engines and more. Lastly, there is a range of vintage fairground rides for all the kids so quite a bit for them to do.

It was a lovely day out that I’ll remember forever. Totally recommended.

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