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Marwell Zoo

Colden Common, Winchester SO21 1JY, UK

This is a firm favourite with the kids and we’ve been a couple of times already. Be warned this is a fairly big zoo so best to bring a buggy if you are taking toddlers; they might not make it all the way round. Firm favourites are the giraffes with their feeding platform, the meerkats, and who doesn’t like a game of spot the tiger / cheetah / snow leopard (delete as appropriate)!

It’s a well kept park with nice grounds for picnic-ing and a good playground for children of all ages to let off some steam (one side for older children and one side for younger children). Bonus that this is opposite an ice cream / café type shack so you can enjoy a coffee whilst they play. Plenty of toilet facilities for little people dotted around the site, a good range of eateries and lots of water bottle ‘fill up’ stations (if I’d had known we would have come stocked and instead had to buy the ‘cans’ of water from the shop – sustainable yes but reusable, not so much).

A fun day for any animal loving child with lots to see.

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