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Natural History Museum

Cromwell Rd, South Kensington, London SW7 5BD, UK

This is always a highlight when travelling up to London: spending a few hours exploring the Museum. This time though, as the Natural History Museum falls outside the congestion zone and with a heightened Covid risk, we decided to drive to London.

Using the ‘Just Park App’ we managed to find a parking spot, just a 10 minute walk away for £15 for that day. The parking app is actually genius - not only does it have the national car parks available to book, but often a church car park or someone’s driveway. This means it’s not always the big NCPs that make money in London, but the little guys get a look in too.

Before you travel to London make sure you have your FREE timed ticket. Since the start of the pandemic the Museum has operated a strictly timed ticket for entry. Whilst this has meant that they have been able to protect their staff, it also means that, as a visitor, you can enjoy the exhibits without loads of crowds. Tickets do get booked up a long time in advance though so make sure you plan well in advance.

We have found over the years that going to the Museum with a plan of what you want to see is far better than spending hours aimlessly walking around it. We decided on this occasion to visit the moving Earth, ‘space’ and of course no visit would be complete without the dinosaurs!

We started our journey through the centre of the Earth, in the red zone, via a giant elevator that took us all the way up to the 3rd floor. In the interactive exhibits our favourite is the Japanese supermarket: watching the videos as if you were there, and the ground suddenly shaking underneath you. I love watching my kids’ faces but also watching them comprehend what an earthquake is and the light bulbs going on.

We then went down to the ‘Space’ Expo in the red zone. As both my children love space this was a fantastic way to explore this further, and in this wonderful space like atmosphere the kids are totally engaged. You will need to be prepared to lift little ones up to see inside some of the exhibits though!
And, of course, no trip to the Museum would complete without getting up close and personal with the dinosaurs. We have done loads of smaller dino exhibits but there is something magical about the Natural History Museum. Whilst my two weren’t in to reading everything as they went round, it’s so well ordered I could pick the highlights and explain this to them. There is something about the exhibition that leaves you blown away in the land of the dinosaurs.

All in all an amazing day out but plan your adventures to get the very most out of your day!

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