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Paultons Park

Ower, Romsey SO51 6AF, UK

My family, consisting of a then 4 year old girl and a 3 year old boy, took advantage of an Inset Day at school to book a 2 day trip to Paultons Park, and we were so glad we did. Many times we’ve been places and there’s not actually much for the pre-schooler to do but here there was a fantastic range and, in particular, Peppa Pig World was well geared to the 3 – 6 age range. Yes, the constant theme tune music is annoying as it’s piped throughout, but the rides were all great - not too scary or too slow - and there was plenty to see and do. We went around Halloween time and the park was kitted out beautifully in fun Halloween additions which the kids enjoyed (including the giant spider on one of the roofs - who remembers that episode with Mister Skinnylegs?).

But Paultons isn’t just Peppa Pig World. It’s a vast park with beautiful grounds (bring a picnic to dodge expensive café food), a carousel and traditional rides plus a very cool dinosaur themed area with a selection of rides. These are pitched at a slightly older bracket (prob 5 plus is ideal) but there were still plenty of gentler rides that my two could get involved in.

All in all a great 2 days out, though I am glad we did spread it over 2 days so we didn’t have to rush.

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