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The Lego Store

3 Swiss Ct, London W1D 6AP, UK

Before you say that’s not a day out, it’s definitely somewhere you can spend a good 90 mins. And before you think you’re about to spend your life savings on Lego think again! Lego have got it right with this thriving store in Leicester Square. It’s a fabulous way to spend an hour or so. We queued for about 30 mins to get in, and it was worth the wait. By controlling the numbers, the exhibits weren’t overcrowded and there were lots of places to take pictures without lots of people stepping in front of the camera.

When we reached the front of the queue, we were met by the friendliest Lego representative! He got down on his knees and started to talk to the kids about what might be inside and asked him to help count out the people so we could go in. He asked the kids about what Lego they had and actually seemed to be really excited with them.

When you step into the Lego store you immediately step into a world of creation: a Big Ben that scales two floors; the London tube; and even the Queen all made out of Lego. There is a serious WOW factor.

But what we didn’t know until we got in there, is how interactive the store actually is. In the middle of the store, you can build your own very unique Lego person. Head to the checkout first and purchase the box that your Lego person will go in. A very reasonable £10. You then take to the screen and create their body. My son decided to draw a volcano on his back and then write his name on the back, whilst my daughter opted for a pre-designed pattern and then printed her name on (what he does, she does!). This then goes to be printed in the store which gives you time to pick out legs, a head, hair and an accessory.

Whilst you are waiting for a totally unique Lego person to be printed, you have the chance to continue to look around the store. Lego regulates all their retail prices so it’s no more expensive to purchase a set in store than on Amazon.

Once your Lego figure is ready, head to the collection point to put him together. This is such a fun activity when you’re in London to do, twin it up with a couple of hours at the Natural History Museum and a spot of lunch in Chinatown and you have the makings of a fab day out!

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