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Happy Family

Center Parcs
Port Zelande

Port Zelande 2, 3253 MG Ouddorp,


My goodness it was cold! I managed to secure a deal for 300 Euros for the week in December via the website. Port Zelande is very different to the other Center Parcs that we have been to. Instead of a woodland setting the resort is a mock port town located next to the sea. The accommodation looks very different as well with beautiful little houses lining the shore. Actually it's picture perfect! 

We had already pre-booked bikes but when we arrived we realised that the cold and the layout of the site didn’t really warrant it. Instead, we swapped for a trailer/festival trolley to keep the toddlers out of the wind when we came back from the main dome. They happily gave us on-site cash vouchers for the refund of the bikes. We did, however, use them to try different types of bikes out; we had a Flintstones bike where the kids sat on the front, and bikes with sidecars for our adventures! 

The resort is actually split into two main areas both across from each other with a pedestrian zone in the middle. The Main Dome has the pool, shops and restaurants and the Adventure Factory has mini cars, soft play, crazy golf and a bar in it. The bar area faces a small stage which the kids evening entertainment is on. You can sit back, relax and watch them. Massive tip for you all here… Bitterballen! It’s a Dutch meatball which is a cross between a crispy pancake and a waffle, served in a bowl. These amazing snacks are perfect for the kids. It won’t spoil their appetite but will introduce a new food. These little gems are served as a bar snack and are a great alternative to a bag of crisps!

The Adventure Factory is where we found ourselves a lot of the time. It’s a lovely safe setting for our kids to run wild!

I would love to return to Port Zelande when the weather isn’t freezing! 

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