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Kids Playing Outside

Center Parcs
De Vossemeren

Elzen 145, 3920 Lommel, Belgium

We travelled over for a Monday to Friday stay at Center Parcs in Belgium. Set deep in the woodland we arrived early in the morning which gave us time to look around and have a swim before we checked in to our ‘Child Chalet’. Check in was easy: straight to the counter to collect keys and activity passes, and the bike and electric car collection was in the same area. As with all Center Parcs, this resort is car-free so, once you have unloaded, you park up, grab your bikes and head back.


Why this resort stands out against the other Center Parcs is: Discovery Bay. A huge hangar with an Indiana Jones experience inside. There are slides and rope walks high up in the ceiling, all free of charge. Best to go in swimwear as you will happily spend half a day there. Just a tip with the little ones: some of the slides are quite steep so you may want to just check before you throw them down one!

The jeep safari is great fun with little ones, you collect your keys from the Main Dome and head out. There is a purpose-built track which is completely safe for them under your supervision and each jeep has a kill switch to the engine if they look like they are about to run you over! 

We opted for an electric car for this stay as we were travelling with grandparents which made our trip a lot of fun! The car gave us a bit more flexibility to explore. 

Given its location very close to the border of Holland, the spoken language was Dutch. However, you can request a menu in English and all of the staff speak very good English. One thing we would completely recommend is a French coffee after swimming (for adults of course). It is a reward for continuously sliding down a wall of water.

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