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Wellington Country Park 

Odiham Rd,


Reading RG7 1SP

It’s not often you find a campsite that -after hours- you have a private run of the country park and all its playgrounds. 

Wellington is a country park with sprawling ground and something tucked around each corner. It offers shows, dinosaurs and a farm to name a few! There are wooden parks and also the most epic slides you will ever see!


The beauty of Wellington Country Park is that it has a private and a limited number of campsite pitches with a central toilet block and washing up area. The ground is very hard so you will need to make sure you have some heavy duty pegs to ensure the tent stays put. In addition I would throw in an extra layer to put under airbeds to avoid punctures. 

We travelled as a group of 3 families and had wide pitches all next to each other which meant we had loads of choice of how we wanted to set ourselves up and what gave us the best visibility of the 5 kids running wild. 

There is no additional charge for gazebos so we set up a social cooking area. Which again meant that we could, as parents, have some adult time when the kids had flaked out! 

The actual country park has an amazing shop which also caters for lunch, and allows you to pick up some essential supplies at the same time. We had a robust timetable that was issued to us of shows and activities that were on, however with the sheer amount of playgrounds and areas, there was no need to fill our time.

Amazing weekend feeling special for having our own private playground after dark.

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